Grazie Paul Laurent!

Le rôle d’un ami, c’est de se trouver à votre côté quand vous êtes dans l’erreur puisque tout le monde sera à côté de vous quand vous aurez raison. Mark Twain A la fin, nous nous souviendrons non pas des mots de nos ennemis, mais des silences de nos amis. Martin Luther King Ce motLire la suite « Grazie Paul Laurent! »

Troubled thoughts

Stan and Mathilde keep asking me why they can’t be with the Portuguese family. This Covid thing is taking too long, they say. Lisboa, Tomar, London, Verona… so close and yet… so far! What’s the point of having two weeks of vacations if we can’t join the ones we love the most, they shoot. SharpLire la suite « Troubled thoughts »


1 Broken heart2 Almas enamoradas3 Mousquetaires4 Cantos do mundo5 Bambini felici6 Secrets to reveal7 Olas del mar8 Gâteaux sur la table9 Pássaros a levantar voo10 Dita sulle mani11 Friends of a lifetime12 Mariquitas en el jardín13 Marches à gravir14 Velas no bolo15 Farfalle multicolori16 Dreams inside my head17 Preguntas sin respuesta18 Chansons d’amour19 Promessas porLire la suite « 23 »

Blue thoughts

Is it the end of the world as we used to know it?Are we all going crazy?Am I feeling too blue?Or being pessimistic?What are we waiting for?To cherish the ones we love?To take care of Mother Earth?Who are we to blame but ourselves?Until the sky is blue and the sea is aliveThere’s hope. Filipa MoreiraLire la suite « Blue thoughts »

Hard as a rock

Don’t worry about meJust wait and seeI’m as hard as a rockAlways around the clockMy spirit is sharpenAnd my body protected by an iron curtainFamily and friends are my safe havenKeep dreaming you’re in heavenI’ll protect the ones I love…alwaysLife sends me signs in mysterious waysI embrace the unknownBecause I am as hard as aLire la suite « Hard as a rock »

Keep the faith

For the past 20 years I missed births, engagements, weddings, birthdays… That’s part of the package of living away from our own country. I don’t regret my choices.Wandering around the world has given me so much! And I love all the countries where I’ve lived so far.Little did I know that the worst was yetLire la suite « Keep the faith »

A poem by Amber and Filipa

Travelling through a picture, a book, a song or a poemYour friends experiences igniting the fire in your dreams, sending an omenTravelling and expanding the horizons of the infinite multitudes of mind worldly manifestationsTravelling with your eyes wide open or perfectly closedTravelling around the worldOr without leaving your placeThe imagination has it’s own spaceBridged, connectedNoLire la suite « A poem by Amber and Filipa »


I have traveled all over the worldAlways free as a birdNo house, no family, no friendsWhat for?I don’t need them anymoreSo I thought…I just listened to my egoHow selfish I was!I have been everywhereBut I don’t have a place to call homeI have lost my faith and my balanceI feel foreign in my own countryILire la suite « Unrooted »


Where do you go when you are feeling blue?Does anyone care about you?Who do you have when you need a hug?Do you sometimes feel like a real slug?What if tomorrow never comes?And the days are all the same?Close your eyesNo more sentences and liesTake a deep breathYour whole body needs a restAnd your soul tooYourLire la suite « Stardust »

Strolling around

I miss travelingI miss taking the plane, the train or even the subwayI miss my family and friends around the worldI miss my freedomMy wings have not been cut off yetSo I might be strolling around more often. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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